Additional Revisions to Prop 65 Regulations

Written by Lee Smith The recent revisions of the Prop 65 regulation have been revised, again. Proposed Section 25205 concerns the content of the Lead Agency Website. Under this section the agency is to maintain a web-based portal to collect and display information provided to the agency by manufacturers related to exposures. These regulations require Read More

California Probate Process: Choosing the Appropriate Procedure

Written by Curtis D. Rindlisbacher, Esq. California law provides rules for formal probate administration that can be used in every estate. The law also provides summary administration procedures for estates that are worth less than $150,000. After attending to burial and memorial duties following the death of an individual, attention is turned to winding up Read More

Understanding Beneficiary Designations

Written by Curtis D. Rindlisbacher, Esq. Coordinating beneficiary designations is fundamental to ensuring that your property will pass in the way you intend. Properly planning your estate requires a good understanding of the role of beneficiary designations. This article provides some basic rules about coordinating beneficiary designations with the rest of your estate planning. A Read More

State Water Board Uses Term 91 as the Basis for Curtailment Orders to Water Right Permit and License Holders

Written by Craig A Tristao On April 30, 2015 the State Water Resources Control Board declared that (1) water being released from state and federal water projects is being released in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Watershed (Delta Watershed) and (2) the Delta is in Balanced Condition. It then issued curtailment notices to 88 holders of Read More

The State Water Board has Curtailed All Post-1914 Water Rights Permits, Licenses, Registrations and Certificates.

Written by Craig A Tristao On May 1, 2015 the State Water Resources Control Board issued an immediate curtailment notice to those diverting water from the Sacramento River Watershed and Delta under a Post-1914 water right permit, license, registration or certificate. This curtailment follows several issued in April: 3rd: Curtailment order concerning diversions from the Read More