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Additional Revisions to Prop 65 Regulations

Written by Lee Smith

chemistry-bottlesThe recent revisions of the Prop 65 regulation have been revised, again. Proposed Section 25205 concerns the content of the Lead Agency Website. Under this section the agency is to maintain a web-based portal to collect and display information provided to the agency by manufacturers related to exposures. These regulations require a manufacturer, producer, distributor or importer of a product, including food, to provide details of the product including information concerning the listed chemical and the labels. Information such as the concentration of the chemical may be required. The particular change at issue is to remove the ability of the supplier of that information to include a disclaimer. It also specifies no additional laboratory work should be required to comply with this section. This is a small portion of the larger changes that are expected to be approved with the new rule that changes the warning requirements as to the more common Prop 65 Chemicals. The revised rule can be found here.