Environmental Law

Environmental law is a broad and varied area of the law that touches upon almost every type of business in some way. Today’s business leaders understand the need for strong guidance to face the myriad of complex laws and regulations that affect almost every aspect of their business. Whether you are a farmer concerned about your yearly surface water allocations or the new groundwater laws and regulations, a business owner trying to get a permit, or a landowner being affected by a government action, you need to know where to turn if you are faced with an environmental problem.

PME LAW’s attorneys have handled a wide variety of civil and administrative matters, representing individuals, dairies, companies and other entities in cases under the major state and federal environmental statutes and regulations. We are focused on finding cost effective solutions to our clients’ environmental problems and if necessary, we know how to litigate environmental cases to protect our client’s interests.

PME LAW regularly advises its clients with regards to: regulatory compliance, air and water quality issues, land use, environmental cleanup, Proposition 65 and other labeling laws, and energy projects. We have litigated cases in both state and federal courts involving CERCLA, RCRA, Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act.

environmental-lawPME clients are active in a broad range of businesses. We are called upon when our clients face environmental litigation and enforcement actions such as in an effort to protect the environment a maze of state and federal laws and regulations have been and are being created. Regardless of your business, you could fall victim to any one of these rules or laws that govern natural resources. Even if you were in compliance in the past, recent changes in these laws and regulations could now affect your business.

Our environmental attorneys have handled a wide variety of civil and administrative cases for our clients that run the gamut from individuals to dairies and large companies. Here are just a few examples of issues where clients sought our help:

  • Regional water board and air district investigations and enforcement actions
  • Underground storage tank compliance and tank fund applications
  • Federal and state Superfund sites cost-recovery for environmental damages
  • Citizen suits under federal and state statutes
  • Land-use lawsuits with public agencies, including those under the California Environmental Quality Act
  • Personal injury suits from alleged exposure to hazardous substances, also known as “toxic torts”

Our attorneys have also helped with permitting numerous types of facilities including dairies, ethanol facilities, co-generation plants, digesters, wind farms and agriculture-related energy projects.

PME LAW’s environmental law services can benefit you or your business, contact us at info@pmelaw.com or 559-447-5700.