Real Estate Law

real-estateAt PME LAW, our lawyers understand the complex relationships among developers, owners, property managers, tenants, financial institutions and investors in real estate matters. Our expertise includes; property exchanges, purchase or sale of property, lease agreements, landlord-tenant disputes, homeowner’s association issues, and development, planning, and zoning issues.

From the initial stages of a property purchase through closing, we have the skill and experience to serve your real estate needs. Our attorneys are well versed in both federal and California real estate law, allowing them to effectively negotiate contracts for the sale or purchase of any property. We frequently help clients review and complete real estate documents, such as deeds, loans, mortgages, insurance and purchase contracts.

If legal action becomes necessary, our litigation department has the expertise to successfully resolve your dispute.

PME LAW will provide you with legal advice regarding your real estate matters, contact us at or 559-447-5700.