Water Law

water-lawIn California, water is the lifeblood of growth and future prosperity. Water law is a legal practice area comprised of various laws and regulations that have developed historically over time and have broad reaching impacts on farms and businesses throughout California. Water Project and the Federal Central Valley Project, increasing water quality problems, tighter local water restrictions, and the passage of the new Sustainable Ground Water Management Act, now more than ever, our clients need strong advocates to protect their water interests.

PME LAW is uniquely suited to address the legal issues surrounding water for domestic and agricultural users and water management organizations. Our attorneys have assisted numerous facilities in obtaining permits and defending enforcement actions related thereto. Our attorneys have represented numerous entities negotiating with public agencies and appearing before their governing boards. Drawing on our collective experience, PME LAW is ready and able to help you fight to protect your interests in this critical resource.

PME LAW has represented clients before the State Water Resources Control Board and Regional Water Quality Control Boards. We have advised clients with regards to:

  • Adjudicating water rights
  • Storm water permit acquisition and compliance
  • Wastewater discharge permit acquisition and compliance
  • The Clean Water Act and Porter Cologne Act
  • Irrigated Lands Act Compliance
  • Sustainable Ground Water Management Act
  • Consultation and representation for Groundwater Sustainability Agency formation.

For your domestic, commercial or agricultural water needs, contact PME LAW at info@pmelaw.com or 559-447-5700.